Installment of sports equipment sales/Tanasa

Special installment sales


Installment sales of Tanasa products for all parts of Iran

One of the most important services of the company in recent years, Offers the option of purchasing installments for all products rather than people who intend to buy from different sectors, Like gym equipment, Home sports equipment and etc… To be able to experience the ideal shopping experience with ease.

Purchase installments up to unlimited ceiling

This method is supported by Bycheke and is specific to Tehran and other cities and your purchase is done by check.

Read the following carefully before registering

You must first complete the form through the registration link to purchase the installments, note that you will only be able to purchase if your account is verified on request. You will be notified via SMS within 3 business days of the inquiry and if you do not receive the SMS you will be notified via the follow-up link of the inquiry. Buyers can pay only 25% of the original price of the goods in advance and the rest can buy in installments up to 24 months, without document, you will not be guaranteed a promissory note or check, and even with a valid personal check you will not be able to use the Tanasa Installment Facility.

You can finally pay for all 3 installments in one check. Purchase ceilings are unlimited in the validation carried out by bank experts, your account is verified and accepted for the requested amount. use the calculator to calculate the amount of interest and the amount of installments. If you intend to make purchases with someone else's checkbook, you must enter the checkbox account holder information in installments and provide them with the form's contents. see the FAQ for more information.

It should be noted that due to commodity price fluctuations, the final price of the installments may change during the contract.

To facilitate shopping for dear buyers, Tanasa has partnered with another set of installments. The mention community has processed the inquiry and the outcome of some individuals' inquiries may be declined by the investor company. Please note that Tanasa Company is obliged to sell installments as per investor conditions and there is no possibility of any change or effect on the results of inquiries made by Tanasa Company and in the event of any failure to comply with the terms of its inquiry with the utmost sincerity to purchase cash from the Company we will be at your service.


Calculating Installments

Invoice price

Devide Count

Down payment percent

Devision Price

Down Payment Amount


Common questions

Yes, the buyer can pay more than the specified amount, but payment of less than 1/4 is not possible at all.

No, the buyer can pay a check for every 3 installments.

You can split your purchase from 2 to 24 months and the buyer will set the installment period.